Cooking Classes
with Chef Brad

A Unique
Learning Experience

With private cooking classes from Chef Brad, you’ll learn the basics or hone your skills the same way he did, watching and doing it yourself. From preparing ingredients for execution and learning what flavors complement each other to practicing proper cooking techniques, each class leaves you confident and ready to conquer your own kitchen.

Hand Crafted Lesson
Hand Crafted Experiences

This Month's Class:

Smoked Brisket the {FAM} Way

Course Outline:
– Proper Meat Selection
– Trimming and Seasoning
– Fire Building Basics
– Wrapping Tips
– Slicing Like a Champ


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Coq Au Vin, Thai Curries, Mole Negro? What do you want to cook? It may be easier than you think. Give us a shout and let us build a custom lesson for you.