Meet Chef Brad Green and Family

Chef Brad Green is a lover of all foods and a classically trained culinary chef. His passion for unique flavors was formed early, when he was growing up deep in the Louisiana swamps. For many years he assisted Diamond-Award-winning French Chef, Monsieur Patou where he would peel garlic for days, just to be in his kitchen. Eventually Chef Brad realized his gift was in creating experiences for groups—which led him to the helm of large events like the Miss America and Miss Teen USA pageants.

Today Brad has honed his love for food and flavors into a more intimate and memorable setting, where he can focus on elevated experiences for smaller groups.

“My love affair with food began at the age of eight, I was recording cooking shows on a VCR and rolling the TV into the kitchen where I proceeded to burn everything—but I was learning.

Since then food has been a lifelong obsession. Working at restaurants, golf clubs, hotels, catering, and even having the experience of opening my own restaurant. It has been a true adventure to get here and I could not have done it without my favorite sous chef, the very talented Paula Ann.”

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